Download Kodi For iOS [Version 18.5 Leia]

Kodi AppEverybody knows that the Kodi for iOS is a free media streaming app that is available on different types of operating systems to stream the media from various sources. Many users call the Kodiapp as a hub of entertainment. The navigational features of the Kodi app make it a leading entertainment app for iOS users as well. Also, you can count the unlimited addons and the customizable interface of the Kodi app that has made this app extremely popular among the iOS users.

In the beginning, you need to fit in your mind that the Kodi app is not available anywhere on the app store of iOS platforms. It means you have to download and install the Kodi app through a third-party app store. However, you should know that the Kodi app is available on the Google Play Store but not available on the Apple App Store. As a beginner, you should also know that you can get the Kodi on your iPhone device without jailbreaking your device.

Before you talk about the installation of the Kodi app for iOS users, you must know that it is a great video streamer. You can enjoy all of your favourite videos, whether they are music videos, Sports videos, movies or any other videos. One more exciting thing about the Kodi app is that it supports different video formats and gives you a fantastic video watching experience.

Kodi For iOS | Features

In the same situation, you must become familiar with the features of the Kodi for iOS users. Let’s take a glimpse at the following features availed by the app for iOS users:

  • Kodi app helps you to play all music by creating a smart playlist
  • It supports all types of audio and video formats
  • It has a user-friendly and optimized interface
  • The users can easily import photos to the Kodi app and view them in slideshows and other methods
  • You can record or watch live TV as well on this app
  • To give the Kodi app in new-look constantly, you can use the multiple skins and template

Kodi For iOS [Version 18.5 Leia]

1. How To Download Kodi For iOS Platforms?

First of all, you need to Download Kodi & use the Kodi app on your iPhone device in similar ways you use it on any other device. You can talk about the interface, addon, and installation of the Kodi app to use it on ios devices.

Hopefully, you have collected all important details about the Kodi app for iOS platforms and devices with the help of the mentioned paragraphs.

2. Use Cydia Impactor to install Kodi on iPhone devices

According to the professionals, the easiest way to install Kodi app on your iPhone devices is to use the Cydia impactor. If you prefer this method, you do not need to jailbreak your iOS devices at any course. With the help of this particular app, you will be able to install the non-App Store apps on your iOS devices.

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